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Here Comes A New Challenger

For those who don't know. I am super pumped for Dragonball Fighters Z. I think its going to beat Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite as the hype fighter of the year. As I said in my Evo announcement blog. There were 2 more fighters to be announced. Well those two fighters have been announced via the Japanese magazine V-Jump.

The first fighter is actually a little surprising.…


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All Of The Evo Announcements In One Small Package

If you did not watch Evo over the weekend, then you missed out on one hell of a tournament. You also missed out on some fighting game announcements. Don't worry though, I got your back. 

For those who are too young to remember. Capcom dabbled in the 3D arena at one point with the game, Street Fighter EX. It wasn't very good, and its remembered for being very broken. It was developed by a company called "Arika". A Japanese developer who hasn't really worked on anything of note and…


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A Years Worth Of Fighting, Comes Down To One Weekend

I am a huge competitive esports fan. From MOBA's, to FPS games, to even card games. I try to watch everything I can.

My real love is fighting games. Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Tekken, and everything in between. In my teenage years, I used to attend weeklies at my local arcade. We're talking 90's here, when the arcade scene in the US was really good.

When Street Fighter 4 came out, I went back to those years and attended tournaments for that game. I was never a huge pro…


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StarCraft Seems To Not Want To Go Away

Its 2017 and I'm still talking about the first StarCraft game. 

Blizzard has officially announced the StarCraft 1 remaster. To be released in Summer of this year. 

Ok, Ok. The official announcement was back in March. But, to further hype the release of StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm has…


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When The Dead Rise

Yes, its 2017 and Diablo 3 is still getting content. Rise of the Necromancer is going to release tomorrow (June 27th). He will cost $14.99 and come with some digital goodies.

You will get the following items with your purchase.

  • Non-combat…

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Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo's E3 Spotlight

Nintendo was the under dog going into E3 this year. It's Nintendo, and we do not know what to expect from them. With Nintendo having just released a new console, the Nintendo Switch. All lights are on Nintendo this year. Do they deliver? Lets find out. 

Again this year, Nintendo did a presentation…


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Reaper Of The Storm

For those who play Heroes of the Storm. You probably noticed the 3 candles that is on the blizzard launcher for HotS.

Everybody figured it was a tease for a new hero to enter the nexus. A lot of rumors and speculation were every where. Everybody from Bael to Deckard Cain was being thrown…


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Overwatch Anniversary Event Has Been Confirmed! What A Year It Was!

Blizzard has confirmed the anniversary event that was leaked on reddit and reported right here on Game Fix. 


The video details everything that has been released in the last year; the heroes, the maps, and the events. The video even states when the event will begin and end. The event begins on May 22nd and ends…


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WoW What A Leak

A reddit post has leaked info on the next WoW expansion. In an email leak out of the Blizzard Irvine office released yesterday, details the new expansion.

The next expansion will be titled "Rise of the Naga Empire" and is rumored to raise the level cap to 120 and add a new class, The Tinker.…


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How A Trap Was Set To Change The Industry Forever

Now a days, violent video games are the norm. But back in the 90's, that wasn't the case. Back then, video games were seen as a kids toy. Something only children play. Adults never really played video games, and games were created with children in mind. So developers kept games very low key, with as little violence as possible. We had a few violent games, like Wolfenstein 3D. But those were for the PC, and unless you were rich, you didn't own a PC. There was nothing mainstream, that…


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The Madden 18 Cover Is The G.O.A.T. Curse

As reported by ESPN today. EA has announced the cover to Madden 18. In a special edition of the game called the "G.O.A.T Edition" the honor has been bestowed onto none other than the greatest quarter back of this generation. Mr. Tom Brady of the Super Bowl winning New England Patriots.…


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A Tale From The Heart

Hey everyone, My name is James, I'm new to the Game Fix crew. Here is a little bit of who I am, enjoy!

I have been a gamer my entire life. Started with a pong system when I was 4 years old. My dad and I used to play it all the time.

From the pong system, it was Atari 2600, then the 5200, then the 7800. NES, SNES, Master System, Genesis. At one point in my life I even owned a TG16. I was the special kid on the block who owned something that nobody else did. I also did the arcade…


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