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DragonBall Fighter Z Trailers

Namco Bandai released a few trailers today for their newest ArcSys developed fighting game DragonBall Fighter Z. 

First up was a story trailer, which gives a little hint to what we can expect from the "What If" story mode. 

As you can see from the short video, it looks as though we will be fighting robot zombies of our favorite Z fighters which looked to be controlled by the newest android, Android 21. And as was said, Android 16 has been brought back to life to assist Android 21 in whatever she is planning.

They're not pulling any punches, if this is a hint at what the intro animations are going to look like. This game's cut scenes are going to look fantastic, and right in line with the DragonBall Super.  

Second trailer is a character trailer featuring Super Saiyan Blue Goku…


Posted by James Tuttle on September 21, 2017 at 7:06pm

New Trailers You Need To See

The first on one I watched was the new Tomb Raider, I guess reboot? This trailer really brought to life the 2013 video game Tomb Raider. From the Lara Croft's likeness played by Alicia Vikander, to her bow and arrow fighting, to of course, the matching twin pistols. I am hooked, I really hope the movie does the game justice, because as we know video game movies don't have the best track record. Enjoy the Trailer...

Now for one that blew me away, no pun intended, is Netfix's The Punisher. Now let me start by saying the Netfilx series of The Defenders never really caught my interest. I watched Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the first few episodes of Daredevil. I also have zero interest in The Iron Fist, but The Punisher looks incredible. From the beginning to the end of this trailer I was locked in. Most people know The Punisher by…


Posted by Spanish on September 21, 2017 at 6:15pm

(DBFZ) This Is Going To Be A Long One

We got a lot of new info and a possible leak? Maybe? 

So first off, the official stuff.

Namco Bandai announced 3 new characters through the Japanese magazine V-Jump. The first two are kind of a given, since ArcSys has said that power levels don't matter.

Tien and Yamcha have joined the list of characters at launch and will have all of their specials that have been show cased in the anime. Chiaotzu is even in the game. He will act as an assist for Tien, much like how Android 17 is for Android 18. No word on whether or not Poar will make an appearance along side his buddy…


Posted by James Tuttle on September 18, 2017 at 7:17pm

Heroes Of The Overwatch

This afternoon a Brazilian web site named "jovemnerd" posted a leak to 2 new characters and 1 new map coming to Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. Along with some new skins, a new mount, and a new brawl. 

First up, the characters. Junkrat and Ana will be making their debut in the Nexus. I am loving that they're adding Ana because I use her in Overwatch and HotS needed a new support character. I would imagine Junkrat will be a specialist. Nothing is really known about them, what abilities they're going to have or their ults. So stay tuned for further updates!



Posted by James Tuttle on September 15, 2017 at 2:08pm — 2 Comments

Mario's Swimsuit Reveals More Than You Think

This will be quick, but just recently a picture of Mario in a bathing suit was released. It was meant to show a beach theme from Mario Odyssey. 

What ended up being revealed, besides Mario's cute lil' nips, was the mentality of a common Nintendo fan. People seem to be flipping out over his exposure. It's true that he's never been topless, but it's also true that Mario is a goddamn man. To think this is anything is just you being a whiney asshole. Do I even need to remind you that in his next release he's carrying a GUN!?

I've said it before, Nintendo is off their rocker and are…


Posted by Unpwn on September 15, 2017 at 10:30am

Mega Dragon Ball FighterZ Leak

According to an anonymous post on 4chan, which came from a Gamestop employee. So, grain of salt here folks. 

The Gamestop employee claims that he was at the Gamestop Expo which ArcSys explained the entire roster including DLC plans. 

According to the employee, there is going to be 27 characters at launch. Of these 27, 4 will be unlockable, two of which. I reported on right here. The third is going to be Android 17 and the forth is going to be Towa (picture on right), the sister of Demon King Dabura and wife of Mira, who will be accompanying her in game. It is not known at this time if Mira is also going to be a selectable fighter, just that he will be with Towa.…


Posted by James Tuttle on September 14, 2017 at 4:30pm






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