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EA Access Is Doing What It Said It Would Never Do

This week EA Access will be removing one of it's Vault titles. 

For undisclosed reasons, Fifa 14 will be removed. Earlier this year the company stated that they would be shutting down the Fifa 14 servers and remove the game from the EA Vault without a real reason. 



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Mario's Swimsuit Reveals More Than You Think

This will be quick, but just recently a picture of Mario in a bathing suit was released. It was meant to show a beach theme from Mario Odyssey. 

What ended up being revealed, besides Mario's cute lil' nips, was the mentality of a common Nintendo fan. People seem to be flipping out over his…


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The New Street Fighter 2 Cart Is On FIRE!

Well, only if you decide to play it. 

Turns out that playing this cartridge on an actual SNES could cause it to ignite. This is stated in fine print at the bottom of the product page. Some people are upset that most of them never even saw this before ordering. Here's the…


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Let's Speculate: Link In Overwatch

Some interesting photos were posted online recently. They are rendered fan art pics by 3D artist Aaron Walker. The artwork is by Jeremy Vitry. 

Of course it means nothing. 

But what if?!

Here's my idea.

Link would of course be melee. His primary attack would…


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Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 Revealed

One was known, one was rumored, and one came out of left field. Though the fighter we've been waiting for has yet to be seen, these new additions are very welcome!

This is the best Fighter Pack so far, and Hellboy!? Are you kidding me!? 

Well played. 

Love ya!!

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The Nintendo World Championships are BACK!

Sure, we currently criticize Nintendo on almost everything they do. However, not on everything they've DONE.

We've grown up with Nintendo and without them our childhoods would have been way different. Video games would be way different.

So it excites me to see that the Nintendo World Championships are back. It's been a couple of years, but it's still good to see tournaments going on that aren't the typical eSports that we're used to. Dabbling in retro and current titles, this…


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Niantic Is Now Nintendo Jr.

If you were lucky enough to be in Chicago, and even luckier enough to get into the Pokemon Go Fest, then you were pretty unlucky. 

Being a former radio pro, I immediately noticed how lame this whole set up was. Especially being that it was for one of the most popular franchises on Earth.

I could have set up a better event promoting dog feces. 

And that's not even the biggest problem. 

Nobody could play. Nobody could take advantage of the rare Pokemon. And nobody will…


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First Look: The Atari Box

In an attempt to keep the fans updated throughout the whole process, Atari has revealed the Atari Box. Only the console itself. And I gotta say, it's sleek AF. 

It will come in two styles, initially. The classic wood panel strip as seen above, and the "glass" version: …


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Friday The 13th's Awesome Apology

Whether you play the game or not, chances are you've heard about the horrible launch and server issues that still plague Friday the 13th: The Game. 

Well, come tomorrow it's all gonna be fixed due to a free update.

That's not all!

I'm ready. Though playing the game is completely possible, the process is time wasting…


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Everything You Need To Know About The 2017 Ubisoft Conference

We were all treated to something nice when Ubisoft kicked off their presentation with a Mario game. Yes, THAT Mario. And they even had Mr. Miyamoto himself on stage to say a few words. 

In any case, the game is called Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It's a turn based tactical adventure game that gives all of your favorite Mario world characters weapons! …


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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Full Roster Leaked

The full "core" roster for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has been leaked. Looking at the list, I'm not very impressed. More of the same. 







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Unboxing New Overwatch Pops

I'm officially collecting Overwatch Funko Pops. In fact, I've got a really cool idea on how to display them. More on that later. 

Love ya!!

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Injustice 2 Announces 1st DLC Pack

So now things get interesting. At least for me. 3 new fighters have been announced as Injustice 2's first DLC "Fighter Pack". There is only one that matters. Can you guess which one? 

Still waiting for the big Spawn reveal. 

Love ya!

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MvC: Infinite Release Date And Characters Revealed

The story trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has been released and there is a lot of information given to us. Not only is the game given a release date, but you get to see much of the character roster. Nothing unexpected though. In fact, it's really just looking like a sequel to MvC3. 

In any case, the story seems very "Marvel"…


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Finally, Friday the 13th Gets A Date

If you haven't heard, Friday the 13th The Game has an official release date. The Kickstarter backed project was pushed back to early this year, which made a few of us fans worried. Thanks to this video, our fears should be put to rest. 

The game will launch as multiplayer only with single player being added this summer as free…


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My Doomfist Theory

Recently, Terry Crews announced that he will be present during this year's E3 for a "major surprise". He did this while booting up Overwatch on his PC. He also stated that "ya'll know what it is."

Indeed, we do. He's going to voice Doomfist. 

The question remains though,…


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The Overwatch Video Nobody Asked For, But Everybody Wanted

Amazing on so many levels. 

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My Favorite Overwatch Animation Gets Sequel!

Wronchi Animation has done it again. Another Overwatch fan animation that really nails the goings-on of playing a match. We can only HOPE for more of these wonderful creations. 

Check out other Overwatch animations and support Wronchi Animation

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New Overwatch Blog May Confirm Athena As Next Hero

A new blog was posted on playoverwatch.com which everyone is taking as a hint to the next hero to be added to the roster. It's in the form of an interview with fictional character Efi Oladele. Efi is an eleven year old girl from Numbani who is some sort of genius in robotics and artificial intelligence. 

Of course, SHE isn't the hero. I doubt very much that Blizzard would…


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New Overwatch Holiday Event Coming Soon

No, it's not Valentine's Day. 

In the tradition of celebrating traditions, Overwatch will be hosting a Chinese New Year celebration! Starting Tuesday, January 24th, we can participate in the Year of the Rooster event which is sure to feature new skins, voice lines, emotes, etc. Nothing is known about what kind of new featured game we'll get, but Mei is finally getting a "non winter" skin:…


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