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Watch Dogs 2 Gets Revealed This Week

A trailer was "revealed" to us today indicating that Watch Dogs 2 is a thing. A thing that will be fully revealed this Wednesday at 12PM est over at the Watch Dogs site, which is now in "Teaser" mode. Take a gander at the video Ubisoft released and let us know what you think! Do we need another Watch Dogs? Could THIS be the one we should have gotten to begin with? …


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Fast 8 Filming In Cleveland

To be honest I am not a huge Fast & Furious fan, but they have been filming the new Fast 8 movie in our home city of Cleveland, Ohio. I took some pictures for you guys and found some videos from some Clevelanders.

Here are the pics I took...…


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In case you missed it on Raw this week.


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Fallout 4 Mods Are [Kind Of] Here.

Bethesda tweeted out yesterday that closed beta invites for Fallout 4 Mods are now going out to Xbox One owners!  This is going to be a great feature and it really opens up a whole new way to interact with PC gamers. If you want to sign up, head over to You must be registered to Bethesda first, btw. …


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Get The Gamertag You Always Wanted...Well, Almost Any.

According to XBox's Larry Hyrb Twitter account, @MajorNelson, starting on Wednesday, May 18th @2:00pm ET / 11:00AM PT, Microsoft will begin releasing nearly one million Gamertags to valued Xbox Live Gold members with active subscriptions and at least 1 year of cumulative Xbox Live Gold tenure. These Gamertags will be released over a 24-hour period, to give our…


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World Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Congratulations to all six of the 2016 World Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees! The six inductees are The Oregon TrailSpace InvadersThe Legend of ZeldaSonic the HedgehogThe Sims, and Grand Theft Auto III.…


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Nintendo NX Release Announcement

Nintendo just tweeted this...


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Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer

Check out the Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer it will be available for the PS4, the Xbox One and the PC. The 1st full trailer will be revealed June 12th, 2016.

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End Of An Era

The PlayStation 2 was my favorite console by far. It sold over 155 million units, that is more than any other console...ever! Today, almost 16 years after the release of the PS2, Final Fantasy XI’s servers are officially shutting down. I know, super sad! But don't be mad, nothing can take away the longevity and fun this console gave to gamers and the company of Sony alike, especially when it came to the Final Fantasy franchise.…


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Xbox Live Now Supports Cross-Platform Multiplayer With PS4

Beware the Ides of March...forget that! This is a huge day for console gaming. Today from a statement from Microsoft we will soon be able to play online multiplayer with those with not just a PC but with a PS4 too. First game up for cross-platform gaming is Rocket League!

Cross-platform play…


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Evil Has Survived...Diablo 2 Gets A Face Lift

The last patch for Blizzard's Diablo 2 was released in 2011, about a year later on May 15th Diablo 3 was released, why are those dates relevant? Well...according to the forum, Blizzard posted this today, “It’s been a long time coming, but today we’re releasing 1.14a for Diablo II. This update focuses on system glitches introduced by modern operating systems. In related news, you can finally retire those old Mac PowerPCs. Included with the update is a shiny new…


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DOOM Multiplayer Looks Awesome

On May 13th the newest DOOM game comes out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Based on prior footage of a single player mission, the game looked like DOOM. The quick chunky deaths, the chaotic weapons, the demons. All DOOMy goodness, yet not something I really needed to play....

Until now...

This multiplayer trailer has sold me on the…


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Darth Maul Is My Homeboy

Check out this video from YouTube's T7 Production. This might be the best fan made Star Wars film or even the best fan made film in general...ever! With this type of fighting choreography, they should take a stab(See what i did there?) at the big screen. What do you think?

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The Reason The PS4 Mouse and Keyboard Controller Was Revealed

In case you missed it, these officially licensed PS4 mouse and keyboard peripherals were revealed late last week. Pretty cool, right?!

Welp...Now we know the real reason, no date yet but the latest PlayStation update, Version 3.50, will allow PlayStation 4 Remote Play just like that of…


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Why Not Master Chief?

The full trailer for Killer Instinct Season 3's newest addition, Arbiter, is out. For those whose don't know, he's the "elite" bad guy with the laser sword from the halo series. 

Sure, he looks awesome in the new trailer (below), but why not Master Chief? This would have been THE game to have him cameo in. It keeps him exclusive, and won't break away…


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Sega Is Giving Away Multiple Games On Steam

Sega is doing something very cool and very rare, they are giving away a bundle of games. I say bundle because its the only way to get these games for free. If you were to buy them separately its would be a total of $34.44! So bundle 'em for nothin'! The games include Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.…


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Panel at CLE Wizard World Comic Con

Join us on Saturday February 27th at 12:30p as we discuss and show you some of our funny glitches on our panel at Wizard World Comic Con at the Cleveland Convention Center Room 26BC.

We will have Avengers giveaways from…


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The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Ready For You To Sign Up

So excited to tell you that before Mirror's Edge Catalyst comes out on May 24th, you have a chance to play the closed beta. If you know me, you know I was a huge fan of the first installment of Mirror's Edge. No other first person perspective game had me more times on the Edge of my seat than that game...see what i did there? lol

Anyway, click here to sign up!…


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Free PS Plus and XBox Gold Games for February 2016!!! Enjoy!

Here is the list of PS Plus Free games for February 2016

  Grid Autosport, PS3

  Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back , PS4, PS3, PS Vita

  Lemmings Touch, PS Vita

  Nom Nom Galaxy, PS4

  Nova-111, PS Vita

  Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, PS3

Here's the list of the XBox Gold Games…


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Very Cool X-Files Prize Pack...Here's How To Win!

The new season of the X-Files premieres on Sunday, January 24th and because we are so excited we want to giveaway an X-Files prize pack. This prize pack includes (not limited to) a 35mm limited edition film cel from the original X-Files episode "Humbug" (which has Scully in the film cel) and a PlayStation 2 copy of the game The X-Files: Resist or Serve.…


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